###### tags: `Hiring Values` # Hiring Values At Omise, OmiseGO and GO.Exchange, hiring talent is a process we do with care. We believe that our people make our culture and that our culture reflects what values we cherish. To imagine a possible future with us, we'd like to tell you more about the values we hold dear: ## Tenacity & Resilience We aim high – and we don't compromise. The challenges we face can seem overwhelming and to find solutions, we can't rely on precedence and experience alone. We need tenacity & resilience. We don't judge you for trying and failing – we do encourage you to try, fail, and try again. This way, we can stay on top of our game and face new obstacles/challenges enthusiastically. ## Ethics & Trust We provide financial services and are a trusted partner to thousands of merchants and customers. The same way our partners trust us to enable their payment acceptance, we trust Omisians to be transparent, trustworthy & reliable. We do not monitor, manage, nor supervise you – but we allow the freedom for you to excel and develop yourself to the best of your ability. We want to engage in a fruitful partnership with you for which mutual trust is the base. ## Ownership Omisians take ownership in what they do. We don't blame others for mishaps and never point fingers but we do expect you to take ownership of your responsibilities. We are strong individuals but understand that by working together, we can achieve something better. Nevertheless, we always take ownership of the success and failure of our work. ---- Your career with Omise is what **you** want to make it. We recognize contributors and will always look for people that help us raise the bar.